Eau de Bong, or "bong water" for those of you that are unsophisticated, has been a silly dream of our team for a few years now. Of course, this does not actually smell like bong water (gross), but it does fit in well if you've got a bong around. This fragrance is extremely limited. We are only making a handful and might make a second batch if y'all trust us enough to purchase it (you really, really should).

Eau de Bong, for all of its quirkiness, is actually an incredibly sophisticated fragrance revolving around carefully distilled Cannabis essential oil. Cannabis essential oil is rare, and very expensive, making this fragrance a truly unique experience. Alone, Cannabis is herbaceous, earthy, and effervescent with a slightly bitter aroma. We highlight its beauty with top notes of Jasmine and Bergamot to only slightly subdue its wild side. Base notes of Oakmoss, Labdanum, and Patchouli bring depth and intrigue to the Cannabis' natural earthiness. A whole host of other oils (over 25!) were carefully chosen to complement and enhance the Cannabis to bring out elegance and beauty not many would expect.

No, this perfume will not make you smell like weed or get you in trouble in any way. We wouldn't insult you with a $92 bottle of perfume that just smelled like dank weed.

This product does not contain any THC or CBD. The Cannabis essential oil is distilled entirely from Hemp.

 Size: 50ml