Give your hair the love it deserves! Use our shampoo and conditioner bundle to cleanse and refresh your hair and scalp while leaving them hydrated. 

Scent: Sweet Basil & Orange

About CBD:

Our CBD products are made with raw, minimally processed, full-spectrum, and 100% natural CBD extract from Hemp. This raw version, unlike more filtered versions, is abundant in vitamins and minerals, terpenes, essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, chlorophyll, and other cannabinoids naturally found in hemp.

Research on the benefits of CBD for it’s therapeutic, pain reduction, anti-aging, and anti-inflammation benefits is still ongoing. We do not guarantee that this product will accomplish those things for you. Instead, we encourage you to research the benefits of CBD for yourself. Please consult a physician if you are seeking to use CBD for any sort of medical treatment.

Tips & Tricks:

Product may not foam as much as you are used to - this is not a bad thing! Gentle cleansers foam more gently - we don't add excessive foaming agents that damage the hair and scalp.

Leave in hair for up to 2 minutes to fully cleanse the hair and remove dirt, dead skin, and dandruff. 

Allow product to rest in the hair for several minutes for increased moisturization and conditioning.

Do I need to use a Conditioner? What are the benefits?
A: Let’s break down the benefits of the O’Douds Conditioner. The O’Douds Conditioner was designed as a rinse-out in-shower product to be used alongside the O’Douds Shampoo. The functionality of shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp of unwanted grime and built-up. Grime and build-up takes the form of different bonds such as sulfur-bonds and sodium-bonds at the hairs cuticle level. O’Douds Shampoo will remove or withdraw those bonds leaving the hair feeling clean and grease free. Even though the hair feels clean, some bonds at the hairs critical level are beneficial in making the hair feel soft and smooth. This is where conditioner comes into play. Using O’Douds Conditioner will actually create or deposit new and healthy bonds in the hair using ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. O’Douds Shampoo and Conditioner work as a perfect balance of cleansing and depositing to keep the hair both fresh and healthy.